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Newbie hi and thanks
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RE: Newbie hi and thanks
That's weird - my reply disappeared. The board says there are three pages but if I click on the "Next >" or just the "3" I get a message about the link not being there. This message might make things correct themselves - but weird. :-)

1. Device Doctor will sometimes grab the same drivers that are already installed. This is where common sense comes in. You can do a right-click->Properties and see what version the driver is and compare that to what you already have.

2. Be sure to make a backup copy of any/all drivers to somewhere other than the disk drive you are applying the drivers to. The reason is simple: if something were to happen to your hard drive you would lose all of that work you did to download them all.

3. Both folders might contain drivers. The thing to do is to check to see if there is an overlap. If so - keep the latest drivers and get rid of the older drivers. If there isn't an overlap I would keep both of them - on a separate drive or wherever it is you decide to store the backups of the drivers you have downloaded.
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