Toshiba Drivers

The past few months have been dubbed as our "Toshiba" push internally here at Device Doctor HQ. Don't get us wrong: our team works hard every month on making sure each manufacturer is well supported with our software, but during this time we paid special attention to Toshiba drivers. The goal was to become the most-complete source for Toshiba downloads. We then plan to move to the next manufacturer, until we cover the top 10 big guys.

We have thoroughly researched and scanned thousands of Toshiba desktops and laptops, from brand new computers to units ten years old. Our goal was to ensure that if you run Device Doctor to search for Toshiba drivers you would not need to look any further.

See the results for yourself: use Device Doctor to scan for the latest Toshiba drivers.

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Our work is starting to pay off, here are some of the more popular Toshiba drivers being downloaded from our site as we write this:

Top 10 Toshiba Drivers on Device Doctor:


* We are serving more than dozen different Toshiba Bluetooth drivers, including Bluetooth Personal Area Network, Bluetooth RFCOMM, Bluetooth USB Controller, Bluetooth RFHID, Bluetooth ACPI, Bluetooth Audio Device (WDM), Toshiba Integrated Bluetooth, etc

** Despite the "death of phone line" as the means of getting online, many desktops and laptops still ship with built-in modems, and Toshiba is no exception. At the moment, Apple is the only vendor with no modem hardware across their product line.