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DeviceDoctor_Bundle.exe: Device Doctor Installer (7.0 MB)

This is the latest official build of Device Doctor installer bundle. It also includes our browser add-on which has some neat features for driver search and also helps us pay for bandwidth. In most cases this is the build you're looking for! More info... Device Doctor Portable (5.1 MB)

Device Doctor Portable version packaged in a ZIP archive without installer, for removable drives. Useful when you want to check multiple computers from a USB drive. More info... Device Doctor U3 Portable (4.8 MB)

Similar to the portable version, Device Doctor U3 Installer is meant for portable use with U3-compatible USB drives. If you are not sure which portable version to download then skip this one! More info...

DeviceDoctor_Setup2.exe: Device Doctor Bare Install (4.6 MB)

This is also the latest Device Doctor installer, minus the bundled browser bar. We always recommend to download the above bundled version for the cool driver search features, and to help us keep Device Doctor bills paid!


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