Device Doctor Bundle

Device Doctor Browser Add-on

Device Doctor Bundle is our attempt to give you extra functionality that you cannot get from any driver software out there, yet help us keep our bandwidth bills paid while remaining completely free. The add-on works in Firefox and Internet Explorer for now and is 100% clean. If you give it a try we hope you'll find it pretty cool, here are some of the handy things you'll be able to do with the bundle:

In-browser Driver Search
Click on Web Search drop down menu and select Driver Downloads then do a search from our search bar - you will be searching some of the best driver download sources online, not just our driver database.

In-browser Hardware Problem Search
Having an issue with an old or a new driver? Go to Web Search drop down, select Device Questions then enter your query; you will see responses from some of the most authoritative sites out there to help you with your problems, no more wading through pages of Google results!

Instant Access to Device Doctor
Just press Scan Devices to get into Device Doctor.

Pop-up Software and Hardware Twitter Feed
10 of the most relevant Twitter voices right in your browser - no need to use, have a Twitter account or even open a single web page.

Essential Tools
Hit the Tools button if you're ever stuck for a good utility for any computer job. We will be expanding this drop-down with light, easy-to-use tools that you can trust.

Other Functionality
Have instant pop-up overview of what's new on our forums, as well as optional components like the inline streaming, weather icon, etc.

And most importantly...
You will be helping Device Doctor grow since our search partners will help us pay the bills, so hope you do find it useful! And if you know of anyone who could benefit from these features let them know too and help spread the word.

Let us know what you think by contacting us through our site, we'd love to hear your feedback!